Business model

FIMECS is a biotech focused on targeted protein degradation.
“Drugging Undruggable Targets” is our mission, and we are conducting R&D to develop a life-saving drugs based on a new modality, targeted protein degradation.

Targeted protein degradation is emerging technology and one of the most promising research areas in the pharmaceutical industry. The number of papers published per year has gone from a few papers during the early 2000s to a very popular area in academia, with over 150 papers published per year in the past few years. In such a market, we are promoting our business based on a model that is concentrated on two pillars: our own drug discovery pipeline and collaborative research with pharmaceutical companies, centered on our proprietary platform RaPPIDS™.

With the establishment of “proprietary E3 ligase binders” and “efficient synthesis and evaluation methods”, which are important in the research of targeted protein degraders, we have increased the value of our platform and have now established “two proprietary E3 ligases and their binders”, “a platform enabling the discovery of E3 ligase binders” and “the productivity to synthesize and evaluate 1,000 compounds per week”.

RaPPIDS™ enables the quick creation of targeted protein degraders at a low cost, making it a powerful platform technology not only for the establishment of our own pipeline, but also for collaborative research with other companies. Continued investment in R&D to improve and expand RaPPIDS™ has dramatically increased the throughput of automated synthesis and compound evaluation, attracting interest from major pharmaceutical companies and expanding our own drug discovery pipeline. Furthermore, by quickly accumulating a large amount of drug discovery-related data on this highly productive platform, we aim to apply it to machine learning technology for an even more efficient drug discovery.

business model

Hybrid model of collaborative research with pharmaceutical companies based on proprietary platform and internal pipeline.