Corporate Philosophy


New Medicine, New Hope, New Era

To create medicines that once didn’t exist, offering new hope to the world.
To make people who had thought of giving up, smile with hope.
If there are more people who survive against illness, the world will be filled with hope and changed for the better.
Our goal at FIMECS is to create a new era filled with hope, where everyone can live with a smile without fear of illness.


Drugging Undruggable Targets
-Drug discovery innovation that turns “ into “

Medicine is a ray of hope for people battling illness.
That’s why we find possibilities in difficulties, going beyond conventional wisdom,
breaking through barriers, and developing new drugs as quickly as possible.
Because it is difficult, we must challenge it.
Our mission is to shine the light of hope in every disease.


Fast and Accurate
Ahead of the unknow
Open and honest
Lifting each other through unity
Turning enthusiasm into breakthrough solutions