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Chief Executive Officer Yusuke Tominari

Chief Executive Officer Yusuke Tominari

FIMECS aims to create innovative drugs for previously undruggable targets using targeted protein degrader, a novel modality of drug discovery.

There are still many diseases in the world for which the causes are known and yet, no cure is available. In these diseases, the causative proteins are considered “Undruggable Targets” that are difficult to target by existing drug discovery technologies, and even major pharmaceutical companies were reluctant to focus on them for research. On the other hand, targeted protein degradation, a new modality, can target these Undruggable Targets and have been attracting worldwide attention in recent years.

Even before our founding, we had been focusing on the technology of targeted protein degradation and conducting drug discovery on Undruggable Targets. In addition to accumulating proprietary knowledge and experience, since our founding, we have established an efficient drug discovery platform, RaPPIDS™ (Rapid Protein Proteolysis Inducer Discovery System), to promote in-house programs and obtain collaborative research.

By utilizing our proprietary drug discovery platform, RaPPIDS™, not only for internal projects but also for collaborative research with domestic and international companies and research institutions, we will address a wide range of drug targets and unmet medical needs to provide life-saving medicine for patients and families worldwide.

Chief Executive Officer
Yusuke Tominari