FIMECS Announces to be Awarded Second Prize at the KPMG Private Enterprise’s Global Tech Innovator 2022

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Kanagawa, Japan, 15th, November 2022 – FIMECS, Inc. (CEO: Yusuke Tominari, Ph.D., “FIMECS”) a private biotechnology company creating a new class of drugs based on targeted protein degradation, today announced that Kanae Gamo, Ph.D. Co-founder, CSO of FIMECS made a pitch at the KPMG Private Enterprise’s Global Tech Innovator 2022 (2nd November 2022, Lisbon, Portugal) and FIMECS was awarded second prize.

In this event, the finalists from twenty-two countries had a pitch of their innovations, such as AI, Life science, Healthcare, Fintech etc.

“We are very excited to be awarded the second prize of the KPMG Private Enterprise’s Global Tech Innovator 2022. We believe that our enthusiasm to deliver game-changing medicines to the patients has been highly praised.” said Kanae Gamo, Ph.D., Co-founder, CSO of FIMECS. “We expect to get more reputation and expand our business worldwide, and promote our research to discover the innovative medicines.”

About FIMECS, Inc.
FIMECS, Inc. is developing a new class of drugs based on targeted protein degradation for the currently ‘undruggable’ targets in immuno-oncology and oncology areas. The company became able to discover drug candidates for inducing the degradation of disease-relevant targeted proteins by integrating proprietary E3 ligase binders and RaPPIDSTM platform. This drug discovery platform will help providing drugs to the patients all over the world through various internal and collaboration projects.

About FIMECS, Inc.
RaPPIDSTM (Rapid Protein Proteolysis Inducer Discovery System) is one of the proprietary drug discovery platforms of FIMECS, Inc. used to generate therapeutic candidates of the targeted protein degrader. The platform allows synthesizing and evaluating various degraders quickly based on the company’s proprietary know-how and diversity-oriented synthesis, and delivery of the drug candidates with the best combination of target protein binders, linkers, and E3 ligase binders. Moreover, RaPPIDSTM platform enables the discovery of novel E3 ligase binders, which is expected to dramatically expand the range of target proteins that can be degraded.

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